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Embark on an empowering author journey with GPS: Get Published Successfully, led by the visionary Dr. John Mack. Unlock your full potential as an Author of Influence when you Enroll in  PLUS University, an innovative system designed to elevate your brand and amplify your success.

Dr. Mack and GPS: Pioneering the Path to Author Success: Under the leadership of Dr. Mack, GPS (Get Published Successfully LLC)is at the forefront of empowering authors to build their brand and achieve remarkable success. With a deep understanding of the publishing industry and a passion for author empowerment, Dr. Mack and GPS provide the guidance, tools and resources necessary to navigate the author journey with confidence.

Dr. John L. Mack, The Self-Publishing Strategist

Welcome to GPS, the home of self-publishing success, guided by internationally acclaimed author and CEO, Dr. John L. Mack. With 25 books under his belt and over 500 authors published under his guidance, Dr. Mack is dedicated to transforming your writing dreams into reality. His innovative programs, ASAP and PLUS University , are designed to fast-track your journey from publishing to launch, upsell, and scale. 

Navigating the challenges of self-publishing can be daunting, but with Dr. Mack's coaching, you'll find the support you need every step of the way. If you're ready to share your unique message with the world through your own book, join us in the journey of self-publishing success. Let's make your book a reality together.

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Amatullah "Chi" Shabazz, The Social Media Strategist and Technology Implementer

Welcome to the GPS website, where we marry the power of self-publishing with business acumen. A crucial part of our team is Amatullah "Chi" Shabazz, our Social Media Strategist and Technology Implementer. With an impressive background in business development and consulting, Chi is a cornerstone of our UNI-VIRTUAL team. 

Her expertise in social media strategy and technology implementation has proven instrumental in helping authors elevate their brand presence and connect with larger audiences. Chi's dedication to leveraging the transformative power of social media makes her a vital asset in our commitment to supporting authors on their publishing journey. With us, you will experience the union of publishing, business strategy, and technological innovation.

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Our PLUS Packages


Publish Your Book

Go from Idea to Intellectual Property in Little to No Time!


Launch Your Course

Proper Promotion and Presentation Produce $


Upsell Your Offer

Turn your Book into Multiple Iterations and  earn more!


Scale Your Business

Scale your Business for Long Term Growth & earnings!


6-Week Course to Get Published Successfully

This hands-on hybrid model uses Ethically Enhanced AI technology to streamline and accelerate the content development process. Gold graduates go from Idea to implementation in as little as six weeks.  

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Publish & Launch 

For $9,997.00, our Publish & Launch package takes your vision from a blank page to a Bestseller. It includes an expertly crafted launch campaign for a six-figure debut, ensuring maximum visibility, credibility, and profitability for your book.

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Upsell & Scale

Don't just Publish and launch; create a sustainable plan to convert your intellectual property into multiple iterations of itself and begin building an Author Eco-system.This Comprehensive Course prepares you for a Publication and Speaking career

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It all begins with a Published book.  It's not a requirement to play the game, but it is a necessity gto win it!


The best Kept Secret of Best Selling Authors is that they intentionally create a Brand Building Book and then convert it into multiple iterations.


All too many aspiring authors work tirelessly to publish their books only to fail as authors because they fail to launch their books properly. 


Once you gain sales momentum, you never want to stop.  That is why you must create a Digital Dashboard that allows you to create a profitable business using the book as the linchpin

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