ZERO CO$T: Weight Loss

Tired of your weight Yo-Yoing up and down with each new

"Diet of the Day"  

 Discover the Zero Cost Weight Loss Plan to Save Money & Lose Weight

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Join our Movement for ZERO CO$T-Improvement

Embrace the power of

Intentionally Timed Eating

and join our Movement for ZERO COST Improvement! 

By focusing on the timing of your meals, you give your body the precious opportunity to rejuvenate and regulate itself. 

Experience the exhilaration of rapid weight loss, coupled with remarkable gains in mental clarity, glowing skin, luscious hair, and enhanced joint mobility. 

Bid farewell to inflammation, welcome surges of energy, and reignite your zest for life with renewed vigor. 

This is not just about shedding pounds—it's about igniting a transformative flame within. Indulge in the foods you adore; 

It's WHEN you eat that sparks the magic. 

Take the step toward a life of vitality today.

 ZERO CO$T Weight Loss Plan :  FAD (Fasting Alternate Days)  is not a medically prescribed treatment plan. 
 Check with a doctor before beginning it or any new dieting regimen

ZERO CO$T Weight Loss

Embark on a transformative journey to becoming your best self with Coach Rosalie's trailblazing guide:

 "ZERO-CO$T Weight Loss: 

Save Money & Lose Weight." 

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 As the festive spirit embraces you and the allure of Black Friday deals beckons, make the most empowering purchase of the year—one that promises a new silhouette and a revitalized spirit. Rosa Lee's method, a masterful blend of Fasting Alternate Days, and Intentionally Timed  Eating, isn't merely a gift of health; it's an investment in a lifetime of well-being.

 Mark your calendar for a life-altering read that will ensure you step into the holidays—and the New Year—not just lighter in body, but richer in health and happiness. . 

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What people are saying

125 lbs

I feel like I lost a whole person off my back.  Wow, can you believe it 125 lbs?  

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75 lbs

I Lost 75 lbs and Never felt Better. 

After the babies, I couldn't lose the weight.  I tried a dozen diets, but I just kept going back and forth. Rosalie's honesty and "Human" approach to Fasting Alternate Days made it an easy win for me!

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50 lbs

Those Last stubborn pounds are finally gone, and I Look and Feel FABULOUS!


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Tired of being on the Struggle Bus?

Dive heart-first into a revolution that can reshape your body and your essence of being. "Zero-Cost Weight Loss: Save Money & Lose Weight." a movement of rejuvenation, empowerment, and holistic success.  Jump into these chapters realizing this isn't just a book; it's a key to unlocking the door to your most vibrant self. 

Rosalie has crafted more than words on pages—she's created a movement for personal Improvement.  After coming to terms with her own weight loss journey, she discovered The FAD ZERO COST Weight Loss methodology.  Her results were so phenomenal that soon, friends and associates were seeking her advice.  money Rosalie shared how she lost the weight and saved a ton of money in the process..."Let's just say They were INTERESTED. 

This isn't about quick fixes but lasting transformations. We invite you, with open hearts and minds, to buy a book and join a community dedicated to rising above societal pressures and embracing true health. 

By choosing this path, you're not just committing to weight loss; you're stepping up for an overall enhancement of life itself. 

Let's journey together, uplift each other, and celebrate every milestone on this path to wellness. Your best self awaits, and the movement for a better you begins with a single, brave step. Will you take it?

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